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WASC Report

East High School opened its doors for the first time in August/September 1969. It is the only continuation high school in the Fortuna Union High School District (FUHSD). Other schools in the district include Fortuna Union High School, Strongs Creek Community Day School, and Academy of the Redwoods (an early college high school on the campus of College of the Redwoods). The district also operates an independent study program for Fortuna High and a child care program for Fortuna High, East High, and the court and community school administered by the County Office. East High serves primarily 11th and 12th grade students who are so significantly off track for graduation that they cannot make up the necessary credits quickly enough at Fortuna High to graduate with their class. East High also serves female students who have had children and cannot participate in the Fortuna High program and still remain in school. Further, from time to time, East High serves students who must work to support their families or who must be at home to care for a family member.

East High School students participate in the same graduation ceremony as students from Fortuna High. Some students transfer to East High from Fortuna High (or other high schools), get caught up, and return to Fortuna High. East High School students cannot participate in Fortuna High athletics, but, depending on interest and availability, they do take some special courses at Fortuna High: foreign language, music, theater, art, or ROP courses. East High does offer its own vocational-technical programs, and it also participates in the Coast Athletic League, composed of alternative schools in Humboldt County.

East High School staff participates in the district inservice activities before school starts every year, but thereafter conducts its own staff meetings and professional development activities. The staff meets every Friday afternoon to discuss the school in general and individual students in particular. This process was recognized as an exemplary program by the California Continuation Education Association (CCEA). (See Appendix A) The staff also regularly attends the annual CCEA conference. Further, East High staff participates in all appropriate Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE) workshops and seminars.